Sunday, June 5, 2016


Why can't I afford a place in the city and the mountains, because what we experience over Memorial Day weekend was gorgeous, and so relaxing. I could easily purchase a little getaway house for more weekends like that…and one at the beach too. So any funding contributions would be appreciated.

Well, I found this house a few months ago on VRBO and surprised Rob with a little getaway in the mountains. He is a huge fan of anything mountain related, so he was in heaven immediately walking in. As I was too once rounding the corner and seeing the view from the deck.

We also invited my brother and sister-in-law to join us for the weekend, and it was perfect! At first the house was just going to be for us, but then as we thought about it, we knew having another couple along for the ride would make it even more fun. We were right…we had a blast with them! Rob and I are already looking at a return trip in October, so hopefully they'll join us again.

Our back deck where we spent 90% of the time. Started with breakfast and didn't end most nights until it was pitch dark and the stars were out as brightly as you can imagine. We couldn't let that view go!
Our little cottage looks like a Ranger's Station, and although it was just a two bedroom cottage, it was so roomy and never felt tight with two couples and two dogs.
Our house was the cottage, and the same owner of our house owned the villa next door, but we never saw or heard our neighbors.  You really couldn't even see the other house from the trees, just barely one edge of the roof. The only noise we heard were our crazy voices, and plenty of nature sounds. It was just unbelievable how peaceful it was.

We all arrived on Friday right around noon, and truly sat on the deck and took it all in. I read some of the reviews that said people renting the home should just pack enough food for the weekend, because you won't want to leave once you see the house and the mountains in your backyard. They were so right. Rob had intended on going for a hike our first day there, but then changed his mind and just chilled with us all afternoon. We ate, drank, ate more and then repeated those steps all weekend long! The house was just recently built and the owners did a fabulous job for such a small space. Having the large deck and a full wall of sliding glass doors, really made it all so open. The doors were kept open all weekend long.

 The front porch rockers that we didn't sit on once. 

 The gang getting settled and getting the weekend started. 
Happy hour was ever hour, and it wouldn't be a weekend getaway with the family if I didn't bring some fun cups…that I made everyone use.  :)

It's so funny to think we spent almost an entire weekend out on a deck, but it was just so chilled and relaxing, that you didn't mind not being too active.
Although as much as we did love our new home for the weekend, we did get out and explore. There are two very small (one stoplight towns) that are close. You won't find any major chain restaurants or stores, but it has just what you need, and lots of charm thrown in. Friday night we headed into one of the towns for drinks, music and dinner. It was a fun night out with the locals.

Hey Dottie, like Scotty's t-shirt?  :) 

I loved this sign that hung outside their County Store. There were chairs all along the main street that allowed people to sit, eat and drink, and talk with friends. True small town charmer.
On Saturday we decided to stay at home and make all our meals. It started with a fabulous breakfast…with a view.

After breakfast Rob and I took Binks out for a hike while my brother and SIL relaxed at home. We hiked Buffalo Mountain, and it was a hike. It wasn't crazy long, but it was quite the incline. In total it was about a 4 mile hike, and the view from the top was well worth it.

Saturday we continued to relax, explore the area, and then enjoyed a wonderful dinner from my SIL. We also celebrated my brother's birthday that night. It was a fun place to celebrate. This was our fancy appetizer spread that evening, with the cooler full of beer. All the essentials to get us through until dinner time. What can I say, we are fancy in the mountains.

 Our chef preparing our dinner. 
I have to laugh at this photo…see the look on my SIL's face? Ha! I promise she was enjoying the evening.  Again, don't you just love how we tossed the cookie sheet right on the table. I'm surprised we actually used the house dishes and not the plastic we brought.
The birthday boy! I won't even tell you how terrible that cake turned out, and of course I was the one who made it. Don't even ask...

The weekend went way too fast. Sunday morning we had a late check-out from the house, so we slept in, had a great breakfast at a local restaurant, and then did some fun shopping at one of the country stores. We bought t-shirts, jams, sweatshirts, and who knows what else we walked out with. I'm always grabbing a t-shirt or sweatshirt from all our trips, and then all the other fun stuff just came from us being sucked in by the cute store. And heck no we didn't buy these hats, but we just had to give them a try.

Yes, we were having a little too much fun in this store…and yes I was making my poor SIL pose for all the photos. I'm not sure who hates the camera more, her or Rob. But that doesn't stop me for torturing them both.  Ha!
Seriously, who walks out of an Old Time Country Store with that many bags? Dang tourists.
After the crazy shopping spree, we came back home to pack up and hit the road. I don't think anyone was happy about checking out. It really was such a relaxing and fun weekend.

I grabbed the last two bottles and we were in the car and heading home. Insert lots of sad faces.
Rob and I had an extra day to get home, so although it was a much longer route, we decided to take Skyline Drive from end-to-end. It was a beautiful day, and I think we hit about every overlook along the way.

This photo was taken immediately after we saw a black bear! Yep, a bear crossed our path and it freaked us both out. I wish we had enough time to react and get our cameras, but not lucky enough. Thankfully we were in the car and he just crossed right in front of it. We are official bear survivors.

Between the two of us, I can't even imagine the number of photos I took. Although if you made it through this entire post, you can get a sense.  Sometimes I think people shouldn't allow me to have a camera on vacations, especially when I make them pose at a local country store. :)

So that was our Memorial Day weekend. A fabulous getaway in the Virginia mountains. We certainly can't wait to get back.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Mother/Daughter 2016

Another fabulous Mother/Daughter trip has been logged in the books, and I think this one was the best one yet. What a fun weekend with this great Momma!
For the last three years, I've taken my Mom away for a little Mother/Daughter weekend, and this year we hit up Cambridge/St. Michaels, MD. The weather had been so terrible around our area with more rain than one person ever needs in a lifetime, but our prayers were answered and the sun was out for our time away. We honestly could not have asked for a better weekend!

We stayed at the Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay Resort, which was just about 25 minutes outside of St. Michaels. It was nice to be somewhat removed from the downtown area, especially since our resort sat right on the water and made for a gorgeous setting.

The hotel had two outdoor pools and one indoor, including volleyball, miniature golf (yep, we played), multiple restaurants, spa, and plenty of chairs around the grounds to enjoy the view. This place was so quiet and relaxing, and so hard to leave.

I mean how perfect is this spot...

 The view from our room.  I couldn't stop taking photos from our balcony.  Please take me back!
 The edge of the infinity pool looking over the Chesapeake Bay. 
Another pool on the grounds. The pools weren't open quite yet, but they sure looked refreshing. On Saturday it was so warm, it was torture to see these and not be able to jump in.
We tried a few restaurants at the resort, enjoyed some miniature golf, relaxed, soaked up every ounce of peace and quiet, and just enjoyed our time together. And yes, there were plenty of photos taken throughout the weekend, as you can obviously tell. :)  Thanks to my Mom for always smiling when the camera came her way.

On Friday night we headed into the small downtown of Cambridge and did a little bit of shopping. It was small, but so quaint. The Butterfly Boutique was the perfect first stop…we found plenty!
After we shopped, we ended up having the absolute perfect dinner…beer and pizza on our balcony! It wasn't planned, but it ended up being just what we needed. Then we relaxed the rest of the evening.
We started Saturday off like every morning should be…with room service!
Then we headed into St. Michaels for the day. We shopped all day, had a fabulous lunch at the Inn at Perry Cabin, and topped it off with a must stop for ice cream.

Could you not just sit in these chairs all day and enjoy the view…with a glass of wine, of course!

 We came home with so much fun stuff, and I of course stocked up on more crab related goodies.

After spending more money than we should have, we were back to the resort by late afternoon. We decided to get a drink, and kick up our feet on the little private beach.

We stayed at the resort for dinner that evening, and afterwards stayed down in the lobby to enjoy some music and the beautiful sunset. 

It's a blurry photo since it's from my phone, but we could see this tree from our balcony.
Now that was a perfect weekend. And although these boys attempted to get things started off on the wrong foot, we didn't let them! #nospeedingticketforme #wecharmedourwayout
A fabulous weekend for the memory books. Mom, it was a blast, and I'm looking forward to 2017!