Monday, February 1, 2016

Life after snow…with Garth!

Well unless you've been living under a rock, you know the east coast was hit pretty hard with snow last week, and B'more definitely wasn't spared. We ended up with 30" of snow, and I think I ended up with an additional 30 lbs on my hips. That may have been due to the fact that we stocked up on nothing really healthy, unless you think a container full of cookie dough is healthy. One nice thing about being snowed in while living in the city, you can still get out and walk to plenty of places.  It's a good thing considering my car looked like this by Saturday night.

The snow started on Friday night, and Saturday morning everyone was out walking the city streets before the big hit was due later in the day. I love how snow days bring all neighbors out!

By Saturday night, Rob and I were getting serious cabin fever and had to get out for dinner with friends.
 Dinner…and plenty of drinks! Drink up, the snow is coming! 
The office was closed for two days, and thankfully the week slowly got back to normal. Although we are still living with mounds of snow, and someone had the nerve to mention that the Farmer's Almanac is calling for another big snow storm around Valentine's Day weekend. Mother Nature, I'm starting not to like you! 

We finished off the snow week, with a fun weekend with friends and a great concert. We got together with another couple for restaurant week here in B'more. We checked out Pazo in Harbor East and it was perfect. I loved the food, and the atmosphere was definitely a place I could see getting a group of girls together for a few drinks. 
Saturday after I suffered through another kickboxing class, I walked around the city and found the cutest store in one of the city neighborhoods, Federal Hill. If you are in the area, have you been to Pretty in Punch? It was such a fun find, and tons of adorable gifts. 
To top of the crappy snowy week, we ended the weekend with hitting up a new spot for lunch, which was full of character and lived up to the great reviews.  Saturday Morning Cafe! 
After lunch, we had a date with Garth Brooks!!  What an amazing show this man puts on! We were supposed to be at opening night last Friday, but because of the snow it was postponed until this past Sunday. We were rocking it out at 3:00 on a Sunday, and it was awesome.

I sang, danced and screamed for 2.5 hours! This guy puts on one hell of a show! Even if you aren't a big country fan, this show would not disappoint. It was his first trip to B'more, so I hope he enjoyed our hospitality and will be returning.  Thanks for a great show, Garth!

It was a gorgeous night as we got out of the concert, and as Rob and I headed home, I took a few photos to capture the evening. Quiet Sunday night through the city was quite peaceful. 

Hope y'all had a great week, and if you were a part of the crazy snow, I hope you survived! Here's to spring time getting here ASAP! 

Monday, January 18, 2016


Well it's that time of year once again. I am forcing myself to put down the slice of pizza and pasta dishes, and instead pick up a piece of lettuce and lots of healthy foods. Blah, blah, blah…that's all I hear.  The last few months, or what seems like years if I'm being honest, have been horrible. I hate how I feel, look and how every piece of clothing fits on me. Can I just get a job where they allow me to wear sweatpants? I promise I'll at least make them a cute color with a matching top. It really would make my life easier - elastic all the way!

Well 2016 needs to be different and I'm trying to get in shape. Of course I've tried this every other year as well, but this time just feels different. Now of course you can call me out on this if months from now I'm still bitching, but just be nice about it. So, last week I bought a Groupon for a bootcamp (Training for Warriors) class that I can walk to here in the city, and I fell in love. If you are here in B'more, you should check it out.  I of course cursed through the entire class, but I still lasted the full length and actually went back four more times. Seriously, what is up with that? Me in an exercise program for five days straight? That has to tell you something. My Groupon ends in a month, and then I'll be on a 6 month program. Bathing suit season and strapless dresses, I'm coming for you!
 The instructor getting a group shot after two of the classes this week! Friday night's class was what he called a "Playground"…certainly not the playgrounds I'm used to seeing. This playground kicked my butt! 
Each class is set up with stations, and each night is different. I love how it changes up and you don't get bored. It kicks my butt each night, no joke! Not to mention that I love the instructor, Casey. Such a nice guy, and he is really involved with all the members. At the end of each class, he ends the session with getting everyone in a circle, hands in the middle and then on 3 you shout out WARRIORS! Cheesy I know, but it keeps me pumped. Well, for the first week at least.

Wish me luck, and if you have any suggestion on how to keep on track and reach weight goals, bring it my way!


Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas 2015

Hello everyone, and I hope you had a fabulous Christmas!

We had Christmas in Virginia with my family, as well as in Ohio with Rob's on actual Christmas. Two big celebrations just equates to a crap ton of photos. And it also reminds me that I still need to get a camera. My hubby is a huge camera guy, but if anyone else has some suggestions for inexpensive cameras, send them my way.

Well, Merry Christmas from Virginia! What a great weekend, and of course way too short. We arrived in town on Friday and then back home on Sunday morning. It's way too fast, but I enjoyed every moment. My family is too good to us! Friday night we had my brother's best friend and his girlfriend over for a few drinks and dinner, and then continued the night out for a few more. We had to get the festivities started right. 

My brother torturing my SIL with a photo. 
 I always have a blast with these two. That night we were pretty tame and behaved ourselves.
It just wouldn't be a night if I didn't make this guy take a selfie with me…he's getting better with each one. No eye rolls…just a sweet smile. It has taken me awhile, but I'm proud of him.  Ha! And thank the lord for black & white, because after all these photos from the past two weeks, I've learned one thing. This girl needs Botox, stat!
Saturday was spent doing a few last minute shopping, because you know I just didn't have enough,  lunch with the group at Mom and Dad's,  and then a Christmas party at friends of the family. After the party, we headed back to my Mom and Dad's for the gifts. We were up to almost midnight, and it was perfect. 
 Molly enjoying all the wrapping paper and boxes. She stayed there the entire time.
My favorite gift to my brother…and I know my SIL will one day love him in it.  :)  

 Pops just reclined and taking in his presents. 
Thanks again to my Mom and Dad for hosting yet another perfect celebration. They are pretty awesome! Next year we'll be at their house on Christmas.  We started taking turns with the families as soon as we got together, and that seems to work perfectly.

We headed home on Sunday and it was a fun change to have my brother and SIL come to our house for the night. My SIL's niece was flying into BWI, so they were picking her up before heading home the next day. It gave us some time to get them around the city and have some fun! Love the city view from their hotel room. It's hard to see it from this photo, but our wedding ceremony was held on the small patch of grass to the left in the middle.  You can slightly see the lighthouse that's to the left.
A trip to the aquarium was a must. Rob and I are members, but still sadly don't get there as often as we'd like. It's just a fun place to walk around. They now have more hands on displays.
 Taylor being the brave one and touching the jellyfish
 And this photo just cracks me up. My brother being silly, and Taylor reacting like a typical 12 year old…embarrassed by the adults around her.  :)
 Polar Express 4D

 It was a fun night, and Christmas was all around the city. 

Next up, was jumping in the car and heading to Ohio. I hate that drive, but at least this year we weren't driving in snow on the way up. As I'm sure you all experienced, it was more like spring break weather than Christmas break. Rob's Mom treated us all to an incredible show our first night in town. If you have a chance to see this in your area, it's a must. It's amazing!
All of Rob's family lives right in the local area, so it's nice that we can see everyone during our visit and not have to make additional trips. On Christmas Eve we headed over to his Stepmom's house for some food, drinks, and presents for all the little ones. It's been about two years since I've seen some of his extended family, so it was a fun night. The wine of course flowed smoothly. :)

Rob's sister and BIL 
 Some of the little ones ready to rip into the gifts.
I know this is a blurry photo, but he's so stinkin' cute that I had to post!

 Reese, you are just so dang cute in those glasses! Jordan, I loved seeing you and catching up! 
 The siblings...
 And their fabulous spouses! 
It was a long night, but a fun one. 
Next up…Christmas morning at Julie's. And let me tell you, Santa was way too good to all of us! 

I snapped this photo of Leah trying out her new selfie stick…a middle school girl's dream 
What girl doesn't love a new sparkly pink Kate Spade...
 A new personalized gift is always fun. Now I need one for my front door!
 The girls of Christmas morning…and Gunner. 
Some of the fun madness during a quick stop. One thing missing, was a fire in the fireplace. Dang you warm temps in December.  Look how exhausted Gunner looks in the photo. :) 
Julie and Brendan had a fabulous dinner, one that Rob and I are repeating for our NYE's dinner, and then we all crashed after a long and great day! 

Saturday was rainy and a bit chilly, and the girls shopped and the boys went to see Star Wars. Sounds like a perfect plan for me. :)  We ended the night back at Rob's Mom's house for some chill time, games and ice cream! 
I can't remember the name of this game, but it was a blast! It's pretty much like Ellen's game, Head Up. We are some serious gamers! 
This sweet photo of Gunner sums up how we all felt after a few fun filled days. Exhausted and happy!
Thanks to all our families for a perfect Christmas! We are so fortunate!

Happy New Year to all! I can't wait to see what everyone is doing. I'll be home in jammies, a fabulous dinner, movies and fireworks from the roof deck with the hubby. A perfect night!