Sunday, August 10, 2014

Topsail Island, NC

Please take me back to NC ASAP!  What an amazing beach week with Rob's family. We hit up Topsail Island for our annual/semi-annual beach trip. So much fun, and I can't believe the week is over and we are back to reality. I'm not gonna lie, reality sucks. Thanks again to my wonderful MIL for getting the house and allowing us the getaway we all desperately needed. Life on the beach is pretty fabulous!

We've been home for over a week and I've been so sluggish ever since. I still haven't worked off all the food and wine I consumed…so yes, every part of my body has an additional 10 lbs.  And I have two races in October that I need to be prepare for, which should be fun. No worries Julie, I won't let you down. :)

So ya, we are back home and I'm now just getting my lazy butt in gear to get these photos posted. In other words, this is a post where I worn you about the photo overload and you have an excuse for a quick exit. No worries, there won't be any hard feelings. I know my life isn't that exciting.

Shall we begin?

Our view all week = heaven!

Home Sweet Home!
I'm not sure about y'all, but when I'm at the beach, I'm at the beach all day! I hate spending a second inside. I need to be out on the beach, in the water, and enjoying the sun. Thankfully Rob and his family are just the same. Out by late morning and ending the day with happy hour on the beach starting around 4:00 and in by 6:00. Seriously, perfection! 

Leah, please stop growing! You are getting so big, and I had a blast with you! 
Happy hour on the beach.  I can't think of a better spot.
Best seat in the house!

Leah and Parker had a blast with one of the neighborhood girls.
Our days were spent outside soaking up the sun, and most evenings were spent inside chowing down on some great food, or checking out new restaurants in the area. Of course with plenty of stops at Dairy Queen as well. I loved that most nights we were in jammie pants, sweatshirts and no make-up. Hanging on the deck enjoying the view with a glass of wine in hand. Exactly as vacation should be. 

Rob and I did make it out to Wilmington, NC on Wednesday to visit lifelong friends of my family. We had a blast and it was so great to see them and catch up. They moved to NC a few years ago, so it's a perfect chance to meet up for our yearly visits.  

While in Wilmington, I was able to finally check out this fabulous store one of my best friends turned me onto. We both follow them on Facebook and I think we both drool over the adorable items they post daily. I was thrilled to walk in and not be disappointed for a second. Amazing! The owner was so sweet and fun, and was so excited to hear that I live in B'more and follow them on Facebook and made the special trip to the store. After spending some money shopping, she snapped our photo and put it on their Facebook page. So fun! 
Jen, let's get the road trip planned and to NC for more shopping.  

I think I could have snapped ten million photos from our back deck. The view seriously never gets old.

I actually got up two mornings pretty early and got in two runs, of course not nearly as many as I had planned. I think half of my suitcase was packed with running shorts and tanks, but hardly any were touched. I always have these grand plans that I'm going to get up for an early morning run, but then just can't move. Oh well, I guess two runs are better than nothing at all. It's more than I've done this week! 

All in all, we can certainly agree that the week was perfect. The weather was unbelievable! For the last week in July I think we were all expecting the worse…disgusting heat, sand so hot you can't walk on it,  and just so miserable that you can't stand to be outside the entire day. Thankfully that wasn't the case and the weather gods were certainly on our side. I could do a repeat of that same weather next year when Rob and I head to Lake Gaston, NC with my family!  

Rob and I stocked up on some new Piggly Wiggly t-shirts for his nephew and niece, and me too. I love a good Piggly Wiggly t-shirt. :)
Parker enjoying his first Shirley Temple. Do you remember these drinks? I thought I was hot stuff when ordering these when I was younger.
Sippin' in the Carolinas
Our twin waitresses during one of our nights out. We had no idea our waitress had a twin, and it wasn't until we saw her walk one way and go in a back room, and then a few seconds later the other one walked out from another room on the other side of the restaurant and we were all freaked out and couldn't figure out what was going on. They were so sweet and I'm sure they have such fun freaking out their customers and messing with them. Of course I had to get their picture. :) 

My beach babe!

Rob, Parker and Brendan…pondering life.
Only the finest of wines for these gals.

And if you don't have any of these adorable drink stakes, you need to buy some now. Rob and I got these last year when we were in NC visiting his Grandfather and they were x-mas gifts for everyone. They are perfect for the beach. Holds your water, soda, or beer without getting all nasty with sand. And they are just so fun! 
Having some fun in the water. Rob's nephew, Parker, had a blast this year in the waves. Rob is a fish and is constantly in the water. It was so fun to see Parker right by Rob's side and enjoying it so much this year.
The boys just chillin'

Enjoying a little dessert time.

Our road selfie heading home. 

Topsail, I miss you so much! Thanks for having us and for giving us a perfect week. 

Thank you to my FMIL (favorite MIL) for another FABULOUS Wilkerson/Smith family vacation. Such fun memories and times that are always cherished. 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Bayview - Sally's 40th!

2 Bitches and a 'Hoe 
Two weekends ago, Jen and I packed things in the Tahoe and headed off to NC to celebrate Sally's 40th! It was such a fun weekend, and time we all needed away from our every day chaos. I love the trips where you can pack all t-shirts, shorts, no make-up or hair dryer, and it's just a weekend with the girls being silly and having fun! Girls only trips are the BEST! Sally, I hope you enjoyed it just as much, and thank the lord you are now officially 40! :)

Now let the photo stream begin!

The car was packed and we headed out right after work. We had a great trip down and thankfully no speeding tickets, Jen! Of course we also found time to make a quick pit stop around 9:30 PM for a little pick me up.
We arrived in NC a little before 11:00 and we were ready to get the birthday weekend going! This was my first time to Sally's parents' house, and it was perfection. This is the view from their back porch.

The setting puts you in such a relaxed state of mind, and I can see why this is Sally's favorite spot in the world. Our first morning was spent getting a tour (in jammies and all) of the area and enjoying all the adorable houses along the water.

Our wheels for the tour!
Could this be any cuter? It was in the backyard of one of the homes. I need a cute little space like this for an office or a garden shed. 
 We thought these chairs were so fun! 

After a tour of the area, Sally took us out for a tour on the water. She loves fishing and bought herself this cute little boat for her 40th!
Captain Sally! 

 Once back on land, it was time to get the blender out and start drinking! Cheers to being 40!
 Some fun cups I made for each of us. 
 Jen was pretty much the bartender the entire weekend, and she didn't let us down!

We spent the rest of the weekend drinking, relaxing, eating crabs, trips on the boat, floating in the river, celebrating Sally, and truly enjoying every moment!

 Happy Birthday, Sally! 

This sweet little thing letting me cuddle up to her, is Puggie Su.  She's usually quite the ankle biter, but she warmed up to Jen and I so much over the weekend that I just had to capture our time together. :)
With Sally's dogs and some from other members of her family, we had 6 total running around with us for the weekend. I captured this photo when it was feeding time.

 Our last night, and with such a gorgeous sunset. I think I snapped 20 shots as it was setting.

Sally and I had Jen laughing, and I love the moment I captured. 
 Jen and Sally…we were making memories. :) Love you girls!

 Sally…Happy Birthday, Sunshine! XO