Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Happy Anniversary - Mom & Dad

Wow, what an amazing weekend with the family! We invited my parents up to celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary, and also had my brother and sister-in-law come up as a surprise. It was the perfect weekend! Did I take a ton of photos? Yep. Am I going to post them all? Yep. Do they include stupid selfies? You bet! As I've said with many posts before, you've been warned, but it comes along with documenting special times. Before we get into chatting about this incredible couple, let's talk Christmas. That thing that was almost 4 months ago, but just now celebrated with my brother and sister-in-law since schedules never allowed us to meet up around the actual holiday. I love it...presents in April!

Scotty and Amy came up on Friday night and we enjoyed a fun night out with a few drinks and dinner, and then back home for prezzies! Sibling love!
Christmas with a belated birthday present thrown in.

 Monograms and two favorite things! 
Saturday my parents arrived for lunch at our house and were very surprised to see my brother and SIL. So fun to plan surprises, even if they are just small ones like this. Rob and I will definitely need a bigger table to seat everyone, but I think the lunch turned out perfectly, and it was so great to have them all here since it's been years since my brother and SIL were in B'more.

Not the fanciest of spreads, but something simple since I knew we were having heavy Italian for dinner. And yes, I took a photo of the meat I said, document it all. :)

 My dessert in champagne glasses, thanks to Pinterest! 
Found these fun holders at Hobby Lobby, threw on a sticker and tossed in some tissue paper for a fun way to hold the chips.
Also made up these tags for each glass, and I thought they turned out so cute. 
Molly, I know you'll love seeing the straws...I just couldn't resist. :)

After such a fancy lunch consisting of sandwiches and pasta (does it make me sound lazy?), we headed out to walk around the city. The sun was shining, but it was definitely a bit windy.

I promise my brother enjoyed the day, even though this grumpy face says otherwise.  

Even stopped to take a few shots inside the shops..definitely making us look like tourists.  :) 

After getting some shopping in and just enjoying walking around the water, it was time to get my parents checked into their hotel. Rob was so sweet and used some of his Marriott points to set them up, and holy cow did Marriott set them up! Rob and I asked for a nice corner room, high floor with Harbor views, and Marriott took it a step further. Our jaws about hit the floor when we opened the door to the LINCOLN SUITE. That's right, no room number, but a named suite. High rollers here in B'more..or that's at least how we felt.  :) 

Not a shabby view.  The ships and Harbor area are to the right. 
This place had two bathrooms, living room, dining room with an 8 piece dining set, bar area and a HUGE bedroom with a bathroom that went on for days. I mean come on, there was even an Elipitical machine in the bedroom. If I had this view each day while working out, my butt would be in shape!

 Now that we checked them in, it was time to celebrate!  
Attractive photo as I'm popping the cork - Rob captures it all! 
Cheers to my Mom and Dad! Love you to the moon and back! 
My incredible family! 
As the drinks were being poured, I tortured these guys with the camera. 

After enjoying some cocktails and the amazing view from the room, we walked over to Little Italy for some dinner. The weekend ended with breakfast at one of our favorite diners the next morning...all in all, a great way to celebrate 45 years!  So that about sums up our weekend, cheesy photos and all. Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad! I am so truly blessed to have such an amazing family, and I'd be lost without them. 

Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Patty's Day weekend!

Happy St. Patty's Day! For those who are still out drinking, cheers! I'm the boring one who pretty much stayed in for the weekend. Rob and I parked our cars, and they never moved.  Of course today we woke up to about 7"-8" of snow, so no work for me! I'm not sure why Mother Nature feels the need to torture us, but what the heck? I was in shorts on Saturday for a run, and now we're shoveling snow?

Saturday was gorgeous! Got out for about a 4.5 mile run, and did it all along the water.
I'm certainly getting spoiled by having amazing water views for my entire route.  How do people run outside with no water around? Rob had to get some work done and I was eager to keep enjoying the sunshine, so I met Betsy out for lunch. It's been forever since we've sat down to catch up, and I loved our afternoon together. She's a true sweetheart.
We decided to avoid the craziness, which is just about 6 blocks down our street. The young crazy 20 somethings. I know I was there at one point, but now it drives me crazy to think people enjoy such crowds.  St. Patty's Day here is quite the celebration, which is why Rob and I parked our cars for the weekend and didn't move them...we'd never get our spot back if we did leave.  City parking. :)

And on a side note, if you are in the Baltimore area, you need to check out Pub & Paint. The owner reached out to me today via email and asked if they could use one of my photos they saw here on the blog. They'll be painting my picture on April 13th at Zen West. Here is the photo. I took one evening last summer when Rob and I were on the water taxi after a date night.
Here's a painted version. Kind of cool, and what a fun idea for a girl's night out! There is a full schedule on their web site of all sorts of fun paintings. Let me know if anyone attends.
Have a great week! 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

St. Patty's Day 8K

A great weekend indeed!  Busy, but fun.  My Dad came up on Thursday for a quick visit, and we got him out for some drinks and dinner.  I was off on Friday, so it was the perfect start to the weekend.  

He and I traveled to PA for the day on Friday to visit with my Uncle and to see him play in a local concert. The musician in the family...seriously, any instrument you put in front of him he can play.

Saturday I headed off to DC for some time with the girls and our semi-annual St. Patty's Day 8K! It was a gorgeous day, chilly in the morning, but still a great setting for a race. The winter has been so cold and blah, that it felt good to get outside for a run. I never thought I'd be anxious for a run, but I have been dying this winter.  Ready to get back in shape!

We had a BLAST! Dinner, drinks and a sleepover that had more laughs than you can imagine.
Raising a glass to our 8K the next day. I think drinking the night before helped us. :) 
We even celebrated Christmas in March. This is what happens when you don't see each other as much as you'd like. Oh well, who doesn't love gifts all year long?  
I'll spare any additional photos from the night, and videos...yes, videos that were taken. Who says you have to grow up?  We were up with the sun, hopped in a cab and off to the race.  
Our pre-race shot..all smiles! 

It's not the best photo, but the sun was just coming up over the Capitol building, in the direction we were running.  
After crossing the finish line. We all had a great run!
After the race we kept the exercise going and walked a few more miles for lunch. Of course first stopping at this house for a little post-race stretching. I thought for sure Michelle would have cheered us on. Perhaps she was still snuggling with Obama.
Gorgeous weekend overall, and a blast with my dear friends. So much fun and I am beyond excited that the weather has turned a corner and we are now getting into spring.  Cheers to some sunshine!