Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Let's continue with Cali

Time for me to re-live LA with day 2, and I'll say the second day was filled with getting all the cheesy sites out of the way. And my nephew being so awesome, he tagged along with me the entire time.

It started out as a cloudy day, but we woke early and started the day with breakfast at Joan's on Third. It was such a cute restaurant and had great food. We ate outside, which was so nice since it was the middle of February. Honestly…I can't say enough about the weather, but I'm sure y'all already know that! :)

We called up Uber and then headed to Hollywood. I can honestly say that this part was the one section I have no desire to return to. It was great to see it, all the stars, Chinese Theatre, but overall it was way touristy and we covered it in a very small period of time. I was kind of disappointed. However, it was cool seeing the red carpet and the full set up for the Oscars. Saw a few reports doing trial runs, including some folks from E! Like I said, this was my cheesy day!

 I was on the hunt for Ellen's star, but no such luck. 

After we roamed up and down the Hollywood portion, it was time to hop on our tour bus. Yep, time for our Ultimate Hollywood Tour! I wanted to get on this tour and the Warner Bros. lot tour, but didn't have time for both. So yep, we headed out to see where all the stars live and all the great hot spots of the area. I think my nephew wasn't that thrilled to start the tour, but then he really ended up enjoying the tour. It's one of those things he never would have done on his own...just when his crazy Auntie comes to town and forces him to tag along.  :)
Checking out some homes…first one up is Ashton and Mila, who apparently were getting set up for a party. Truck unloading tables and chairs. Perhaps a pre-Oscar party?
Nothing like taking a photo of a big gate. Sadly Channing Tatum wasn't home. Was hoping to at least see him taking out his trash.
Of course good ol' Dr. Dre would have this massive house. Right across from him was Leonardo DiCaprio's house, which had a full guard station out front. I guess to keep out crazies like me. :)
Not my favorite at all, but I again was being the annoying tourist and taking every shot. Hello Keanu Reeves.
Our tour guide was actually really cool. Shared a lot about the area and really knew his stuff. Thankfully the tour van just carried about 8 of us, so it wasn't packed with too many tourist.

This is Ben Stiller's house, which is my favorite. I really had to be the creepy photographer that had to zoom in for this one.
 This is Zach Efron's house, which is really odd. Very modern and sits down low.
Just had to share this photo, which is the reflection of our van in someone's house, which now I can't recall. They again had a massive security station. I'm sure these celebrities just hate the constant tours that roam their streets. Oh well, there are worse things in life.  :)
We finished up with seeing a few more homes, belonging to Katy Perry, Tom Cruise, Dr. Phil, Adam Levine, Will Ferrell and a few others that I've already forgotten about. The tour guide said it's like winning the lottery if you happen to catch anyone outside, but it has happened. He said some are pretty good sports, but on this tour it was just us….the creepy tourist on a small van.

After stalking the rich and famous, we hit up Sunset Blvd
Scenes from Grease were filmed here, and also served as our breakfast spot the next day. 

The Standard, a hotel owned by Cameron Diaz. It looks like it would be a fun spot to hit up for happy hour.

I know a show at the Laugh Factory would have been legendary. Perhaps the next visit.  
The Roxy!
 The Viper Room where sadly River Phoenix died. 

It was just a quick ride up and down the blvd., but I know it would be a great place to enjoy dinner or drinks. Ton of shopping and lots of cool restaurants and outdoor bar areas. 

Well after I finished up with the cheesy side with my trip, and of course torturing my nephew, I treated him to In-N-Out Burger.  This was my first time and I knew a must for my first LA visit. 
We walked over and saw the line out the door. What? Damn, how amazing is this burger going to be? 
Well we eventually made it to the front, grabbed our burgess and fries and starting chowing down. The burger was good, but the fries weren't nearly what I was expecting…although I'm not really sure what I was expecting. However, I'll take fries from Wendy's in a split second. I did enjoy it, glad I checked it out with Trevor, but still really don't understand the hype. 

Well folks, that was another fun day! I know it has been a few weeks since I've returned, but wow I miss Trevor so very much! Just this time with him was so amazing.  Next up is our time along Rodeo Drive, which sadly I'll have to put in another post.  I know these posts are so boring, but I need to be able to look back one day and remember what I did…this gal is getting old! :)  

Happy Hump Day and hopefully y'all had a few green beers last night! 

Sunday, March 8, 2015

California…nothing but love!

Well sadly I am back to this horrible weather, snow on the ground and temperatures so low you start cursing the moment it hits you. Although thankfully the temps are slowly rising. Yes of course it's always nice to get home to the hubby, but come on people, I was surrounded by palm trees, warm sunshine and the ridiculously gorgeous homes of Beverly Hills! Not to mention I was able to spend a huge part of my time with my nephew, which of course was THE reason for the trip. It's only been a few weeks, and I miss him like crazy! Look how handsome this guy is! So much love!
It was my first time on the west coast and I honestly understand why people love it. Who knew I could throw on a pair of flip flops in February. I'm already looking at the calendar for a quick weekend back, this time with Rob.

As mentioned, it was my first time on the west coast and it showed. I came back with exactly 400 photos, plus a cheesy California sweatshirt purchased at the airport. I mean I truly screamed tourist, and I was okay with that. I of course won't bore you with all the photos, but I still need to document this fabulous trip. Who knows, this documentation may have to be broken down in multiple posts…yep, it's that long. And no, this gal didn't see a single famous person. Seriously, with the Oscars in town how is that possible?

As soon as I arrived in LA, my nephew and I hit the town. He lives in Beverly Hills…don't get too crazy excited about that. He's a typical young 20 year old guy living with roommates. Mattress on the floor, random dishes throughout, and clothes scattered everywhere.  However, it is home and he loves it.  And I'm proud of him for taking this leap! Now going off that description, I ended up staying in a hotel the entire time. You know us girls live differently than boys!
As nice as my hotel was, I would have rather have stayed here. We passed this during a tour, and I couldn't pass up snapping a photo of the iconic sign. Told you, big tourist here!
The area was gorgeous and we spent every second out enjoying the sites and city. Thankfully with his work schedule we really did have almost every full day together.  First full day we hit up Santa Monica and Malibu.

Being my photographer for the day. 

After walking around the pier, dipping my toes in the Pacific Ocean (chilly), we cruised around the area just briefly, and then hopped on the Pacific Coast Highway and headed to Malibu.
We didn't really stop and do much in Malibu, but the quick trip was just for the views. And goodness they definitely didn't disappoint. Seriously, how do people live like this? What am I doing wrong?

I had to laugh when I saw this entrance for a winery in Malibu, mainly because it was just shown on a reality show that I happened to watch on the plan during the flight over. My nephew was so sweet and just snapped away at anything I asked. :) But seriously, where can I get a bottle that size?
After we headed back towards home from cruising Malibu, we went to the Griffith Observatory. I wish I had packed some hiking clothes and shoes, because I would have loved to have taken some hikes along the trails leading up to the Observatory. It probably would have killed me 5 minutes in, but I still would have enjoyed it.

The views were fantastic, and sadly with the amount of smog in LA, the photos really don't do the views justice. It really was a great spot to see all around LA.

After soaking up the views, we headed back to Beverly Hills and hit up The Grove for dinner and just enjoying the gorgeous evening. I'm not sure if you've ever been to The Grove, but it was a great outdoor shopping complex with restaurants, theatre, and happened to have an outdoor concert taking place.

We finished the night off with a bit of ice cream, and then headed back home. 
It was a perfect day, and I had this poor guy going all over the place, but we certainly made the most of our day together.

Wow…if you aren't a family member, this post truly must have been torture and so boring.  But hey, I'll be happy to look back and remember the time.  :)  It will probably take me another two postings to finish up…you've been warned.

Hope y'all had a wonderful weekend!