Friday, December 12, 2014

Neighborhood tree tour

Cheers to another fabulous year of our neighborhood Christmas Tree Tour with these lovely ladies!
We had three houses this year and the perfect group for the tour. We've sadly lost  a few girls who have moved out of the area, but it's great to see a few new faces each year and keeping the tradition alive. Our house was the second on the stop, which is where I snagged Rob to take this group shot before he headed to the neighborhood bar. He knows the rules, boys aren't allowed in the house!

Each girl brings their own wine glass and then we hit the streets going to each house. All are within the neighborhood and within just a few city blocks of each other. The hostess provides the wine and food, and then we show up to enjoy the decorations and drink! :)

With a few snowflakes starting to fall, we hit up Stacey's first. Her real tree is perfectly shaped, and looked gorgeous. Side note…why can't anyone ever describe me in that way? Ok, back to the tour...

I just had to get a quick shot of her sweet daughter by the tree. She was so excited to have all the girls over for a party, and was thrilled to show us the tree she decorated all by herself in her room. She told me she was going with red, but then chose gold instead. That sweet little tree was flooded in gold, and she loved it!
After we left Stacey's, the girls headed over to my house.  My tree looks extra tiny after seeing Stacey's.      Rob and I used to have a 9' tree, but after the last 7 years I got tired of messing with it since it was so heavy, so I downsized. 
My Christmas card tree in the kitchen. I'm bummed I haven't received many cards yet, but then again Rob and I didn't do cards either. Although I told him he was off the hook for doing one this year, I'm now wishing we had sent something out. Perhaps we'll do a fun Valentine's Day card. I can see him rolling his eyes now...
I love walking in my house and looking straight down seeing all the white lights. The other tree I have tucked in our "dining room" can't been seen in the photo.
This is looking out from the kitchen area.  
We spend about an hour at each house, which ends up being just the perfect amount of time. I remember the first year we did this, we had 8 houses on the tour and barely had time to chug a glass of wine before having to head out and hit the next house. I think we'll stick to 3 or 4 in the future. Well planned, Pattie!  We ended the night at Ginna's house, which is one of my favorites in the neighborhood. I only grabbed one photo, but I wish I had taken a pic of her back patio area. She and her husband had their fences all lined with white and colored lights.
I think we all had a great night, all had a nice headache the next morning, and are now in the full Christmas spirit after seeing all the decorations. I love all the gatherings we have with the neighborhood girls. Some great traditions that have been established with a special group! 

Monday, December 8, 2014

Holiday Party

It's officially the holiday season, not that I should have been confused with all the Christmas trees around my house, but now that I've attended my first party, it's officially Christmas!

My Mom and Dad had their annual holiday bash this past weekend, and it was just as wonderful as always. My parents definitely know how to throw a party, and they certainly don't skimp on the food and drinks. I think I'm still full, as well as have officially found my new favorite holiday cocktail.  Don't ask me what's in it, but doesn't it look pretty?  Well as pretty as a cell phone camera can look…

It's called a White Christmas and that's crushed candy cane on the rim. 
Usually my brother and I take turns working as the bartender for their annual party, but this year we brought in a professional…and I know the guests were much happier.  Don't get me wrong, I can pour a mean glass of wine, but I'm no Tom Cruise in Cocktail. Thankfully Jonathan took great care of us all night.
My parents had a ton of friends and family over, and more food than you can imagine. I think everyone had a blast!

 Now this is a party spread! 

Another fun drink for the night…Jingle Juice.  We had a few signature cocktails set up for the guests.
 I was hoping to try a Cookie Tosser, but never made it past my White Christmas cocktail.
I love that my parents have lived in the same neighborhood since I was in elementary school. Such fabulous neighbors and it's great seeing everyone get together.
My Dad working the room.  :) 
A quick party shot with my brother.  Thanks again to our Mom and Dad for yet another fabulous party!
I hope y'all are having a great start to the holidays. Things are now officially in full crazy holiday mode. Lots happening this week. Our neighborhood tree lighting tomorrow, Thursday is the neighborhood girls tree tour, another Christmas party Saturday and then Christmas cookies with my best friends on Sunday. I'm officially excited for the season.

My Dad flew out of B'more to Las Vegas early on Sunday morning, so he came to stay with Rob and I on Saturday night. For a quick visit, we had a great night. Few drinks with some of the neighbors who were doing a Santa/Mrs. Claus pub crawl, saw a few boats at the lighted boat show, and then a wonderful dinner to top off the night.

Ho! Ho! Ho! 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

So how does this blogging thing work? It's been quite some time since I've been on here! I swear I'm back, and certainly have missed it. We've actually been busy around here, but yet I've been too lazy to document anything, or I've just thrown it on Instagram. At the request of all my readers…oh wait, I guess it's really just my Mom and MIL, I promise I'm back. After all, if I can't find something to blog about around the holidays, then I'm a loss cause.

Let's start off with a big belated Happy Thanksgiving! I am still full and have yet to start working any of it off. Screw it, Christmas is just a few weeks away, so I might as well go out with a full fork bang! The running and T25 workouts can wait to 2015.

Rob just got back from Iceland...ya I know, pretty amazing trip, so we decided not to make the trip to Ohio for our year with his family.  They instead came to Virginia and celebrated with my family. We ate, drank, shopped and had a blast. We had Rob's family in town for just a few days, but managed to squeeze in lots of great things, including a trip to the farm - thanks again, Melanie!

So like I said, plenty of drinking with family around! :) 
Leah posing with all the bags from shopping at the outlet mall for two days. I know it looks horrible, but we really did get some great deals and shopped for everyone. I'm happy to report that my items are fully wrapped and under the tree. Yep, that feels pretty good!
We stopped over and dropped some cash in Dad's bucket for the Salvation Army. He rings the bell each year.
Yep, I'm showing you some food that we served up. I made these mini chicken pot pies out of cupcake/muffin tins. I of course found them on Pinterest and they actually turned out pretty good. Thanks again to my parents for putting together a wonderful meal…you never disappoint! 

Niece and nephew keeping busy with their electronics. They were so quiet you didn't even know they were in the house.
We ended the weekend with a fabulous dinner out at Ford's Fish Shack and then back home on Sunday to get Christmas fully up and functioning. I've had a few of my trees up since Rob's been in Iceland, but I told him I wouldn't plug in any lights until after turkey day. Yep, lights are officially on and I'm ready to host.

Well it's a quick blog post, but I'm back at it. Christmas is in just a few short weeks and there is a lot happening before the 25th, including me hosting Christmas. It will be my first time waking up on Christmas morning in my house since living here for 7 years. We've always been with Rob's family or mine, so I'm quite excited. 

Santa's coming to B'more!