Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Yo Adrian

Sorry, but I couldn't resist the title of this post.  Yep, Rob and I were in Philadelphia two weekends ago, and we had a blast.  It was Rob's first time, and I hadn't been to Philly in over 20 years.  We were both pleasantly surprised with how nice the city was, and especially how many open grass/park areas there were. I know we were in the heart of the city for the most part, but it was gorgeous and so charming. And I must admit, my favorite part was climbing the "Rocky" stairs and posing at the top. We raced raced up, and of course I let Rob win. I could have sat there all day watching people run up.

 There was actually a line to get your photo taken with this guy.  
We jumped on a open deck tour bus and roamed the city for two days.  It's truly the best way to see a new place, and it's also a nice break from all the walking.  The weather was somewhat chilly on the first day, but overall it was a gorgeous weekend.

You probably can't tell from the below photo, but the line to view the Liberty Bell was insane, due to security inside. Rob and I decided to instead view from the window.

Love Park, but sadly the fountain was being cleaned and didn't make for such an exciting background.  For some reason I was expecting the LOVE to be larger and in a grassy area.  This is the only part that I was disappointed with, but we still needed the typical tourist shot. Can't pass that up! 
We walked all around Reading Terminal Market, which had everything you could think of inside. 

The weather was gorgeous, and I loved the trees lining the streets.  

I love this night shot Rob took after walking back from dinner on Friday night. The city is so walkable, and we did plenty!
Apparently this was the place to be for a good Philly cheesesteak, but not a line I was willing to wait in.

Cheesy, but I couldn't resist. This was right outside of Love Park and had all kind of game pieces.

There were flags from every country that lined the streets leading to the Museum of Art along Benjamin Franklin Parkway.

Each time I see this fountain, I want to start singing the song from Friends

We visited a few of the neighborhoods, which had such character and were kept up beautifully.

At the recommendation of one of our good friends, Rob and I had dinner at Jack's Firehouse Grill, which is an old firehouse turned into a restaurant. One of the best parts, is that it sits right outside of the Eastern State Penitentiary.  We didn't have time for a tour of the prison, but it's a must for our next trip.

This was the view from our table inside, and I love the owner's car that sits out front.

The prison sits right in the middle of one of the neighborhoods, and I love that! Such a cool feature to look out and see. It would be even more incredible on Halloween since they say it's haunted! :)

We had breakfast on Sunday at Max Brenner's, which was all about chocolate! Everything on the menu  had something with chocolate. Oh ya...amazing!! 
I mean come on, they even give you a dish of melted chocolate to dip your biscuit in. And this was also why we did so much walking...the food we consumed!  
The lobby with some incredible sweets, which I still can't believe we didn't buy anything.  I guess I do have some restraint.
 Pearl Sugar Waffles....yes, please!
Rob and I had such an incredible weekend, and it's always so nice to get away for much needed time outside of hectic work schedules and life, just us!  We keep saying we are going to do more long weekend trips, and I certainly hope we can make that happen.

Cheers to traveling! 


MCW said...

You two are so cute. Love you pushing over the gigantic domino!

Dee Stephens said...

Looks like fun! You look great! I have that same scarf too.. :)
That restaurant at the old prison looks awesome! I've only flown in and out of Philly, never toured around.

Julie D-G said...

Isn't Reading Terminal Market awesome! I love that it's right next to the convention center so it's super convenient when I'm in town for a conference.

Refa said...

I've had cheesesteaks there (the only place in Philly I have, actually). It must have been an off day, because I would not have waited in that line for Cheez Whiz either.

Ruth said...

The city is beautiful. I have Philly one my list of places to visit.