Friday, May 23, 2014

Mother/Daughter - Williamsburg

Hello ladies! It's Friday and a long weekend - thank goodness!  This week has been busy, so I'm so ready for a long weekend. I have a few things going on this weekend, but still hope to sneak in some time up on the roof deck with some sun, wine and plenty of magazines to catch up on.  Hope y'all have some fun activities planned. Rob has been in Ohio all week and comes home this weekend, and I'm excited to get him back home. Don't get me wrong though, I have been enjoyin' this bachelorette life. :)

Well as most of my posts have been lately, let me once again warn you about the photo overload that is soon to take place. And if you follow me on any other social network, I apologize for duplicates. My Mom and I just returned from our annual Mother/Daughter weekend and we had a blast! When I go through all these photos to post on the blog, I'm reminded how I need to start getting the blog turned into a book. Just in case anything ever happens to my computer or this url, I need something more permanent. Have y'all done the Blog2Print before? If you have, let me know. I'm anxious to get this done. B'more Girlie needs to be in print.  :)

Ok, back to the fabulous trip with my Mom! Last year we were in Charlottesville, and this year we decided to hit Williamsburg. We are trying to keep these trips to no more than 3 hours from the house. I'm already thinking of where we can go next year. Any ideas for those in VA/MD? There was major flooding the night before we were due to leave, but thankfully woke up to plenty of sun and the rest of the weekend was just as gorgeous. We grabbed breakfast and then hit the road!
We arrived and quickly got checked into our B&B. The Innkeeper was so sweet and took great care of us. I've always loved the idea of running a B&B, but I can't imagine how much work is involved.  The house was so nice and there was only one other couple, so it was quiet. The weekend before was graduation for the local college, so thank goodness we missed that.

After getting settled, we got right back outside and started walking around. We had an appointment at the spa later in the afternoon, so shopped a little and then had lunch before being pampered. We worked off a recommendation for lunch and it was fantastic. If you are ever in Williamsburg, check out Opus 9. Steakhouse We just did a simple lunch and were so pleased. I can only imagine how amazing dinner would be.
Next up, spa needed! I can't think of when my last pedicure was. The spa was gorgeous!

Besides the appointment for the spa, we didn't have anything else scheduled. We just went hour by hour with what we felt like doing. It truly was such a relaxing and special weekend. For dinner on Friday, I found a great Italian restaurant that had wonderful reviews, and certainly did not disappoint. They were so generous with their portions, as you can clearly see from this pic I just had to snap.
Keep in mind...even with these generous portions, it still didn't stop us for grabbing ice cream on the way back to the B&B. I mean come on, there's always room for dessert!

Our ice cream selfie! 
My Mom looks fabulous! I made her pose all weekend for me. She was a gorgeous model!
We crashed on Friday night, but woke up Saturday ready to hit the town. We lucked out again this year with the location of our B&B to the downtown area, and another wonderful Farmer's Market. After breakfast at the B&B (she made homemade biscuits - dear lord they were good) we walked down to the Farmer's Market. It was perfect weather. We really couldn't have asked for nicer temps.

This area was called Merchant Square, closed off to traffic and full of shops and restaurants. More shops than my wallet needed, but we found some great stuff. I went a little crab item was this cute bag.
I saw this fun sign and thought it would be perfect for our house, but didn't pick it up.
And these burlap pillow wraps were so cute! Personalized with names, letters or monograms. Certain family members reading this blog may end up with one for Christmas...FMIL! :)
Taking a break from shopping. When we are together, we can certainly do some damage! :)
Wow, I certainly wasn't joking when I said photo overload. Sorry guys, but the things we do to document the fun in our lives. If I could pour you another glass of wine, I would.

For lunch we stayed at Merchant Square and ate outside. Keeping it light with salads since we were going for a big dinner with my brother and SIL, which was a surprise to my Mom.

The area really was beautiful. After hitting up a few more shops, a stop at the ice cream shop...yes, two days in a row, we then just walked around the area and enjoyed the day.
 I told my Mom to pose like she was a model...this photo kills me!  :)

I surprised my Mom over dinner and had my brother and SIL show up. They live about 40 minutes from Williamsburg, so it was a fun and easy surprise to plan. After an early dinner, we went out for a few drinks and enjoyed our last night. The best big brother!

What a great, great weekend! I love my Mom dearly and am so fortunate to being able to spend these special moments with her. Love you, and can't wait for 2015!

Williamsburg, thanks for letting these two crazy girls hang out for the weekend! 


Ruth said...

Beautiful! I am glad y'all had fun. It has always been a place I have wanted to visit.

MCW said...

Looks like you had so much fun! Love your mom just from the pictures!

Julie D-G said...

That spa looks amazing!